22 February 2011

About our move

Sooooo... Sean and I finally moved to New Jersey! It was the most frightening and harrowing experience of our life. We left on a nice January Sunday (nice for Florida!)... We planned the two day drive in between blizzards, or so we thought. The first day was perfect. Ender behaved so well, like he was a veteran of the cross-country move. We stayed in a Travelodge in Santee, South Carolina that night, and had fun watching cable and eating Japanese. We left early the next day, and things were going well. The moment we entered Virgina, however, it started to sleet. It was snowing when we hit DC later that evening, causing us to have to drive really slow, since neither of us have ever driven in the snow. When we got into New Jersey- we were absolutely terrified. I've almost blocked it out- let's just say that we crawled along the frozen highway at 35 mph with white knuckles gripping the door handles and steering wheel and gasping at every icy patch and nearly screaming whenever someone crazy would pass us going faster than 40. Somehow, we arrived at our new apartment at 4 a.m., completely broken and crying with fear. At least, I was. Sean was so brave and drove so well! I'm thankful we made it there completely unharmed and thank the Goddess we didn't hurt the moving van because I didn't purchase insurance!

As part of my votary training to become a Priestess of Brigid, I had to hold a workshop on the Goddess before Imbolc. We set it for two weeks after our arrival, which forced us to unpack, paint, and decorate in a fury instead of being lazy about it all. Afterwards we held a Housewarming/Tea Party for my birthday, which was loads of fun. Living here is loads of fun. We absolutely love it. I want to have more parties but am going to wait until spring because people don't like traveling to Jersey from NYC in the freezing cold. Gee, I wonder why?

Sean Padraic's birthday is in a couple of weeks. We're going to all the various parades, which start in Hoboken on March 5th. We're going to see Crass. Sean has his first performance with the band he is in, Derek Lyn Plastic, at Bowery Electric on March 1st. We're going to start recording more Thorazine Unicorn tracks this month, and are planning an album of dance covers done on acoustic guitar. There's sooooo much to do! It's impossible to be bored here. Just wanted to let everyone know that while we are broke, we are loving life!

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